David Rosenberg

David Rosenberg

David Rosenberg is a Managing Partner of the Lab and with over 20 years of experience has some serious street cred. David’s worked on absolutely everything, from electronic entertainment to healthcare. Prior to the Lab, David was the Director of Innovation at LBi, a global marketing and technology agency. He also led the emerging media team at JWT in New York for 6 years. Earlier in his career, he managed the EA Sports account for Electronic Arts in San Francisco. But that’s not all…an avid outdoorsman, David’s hung out with Smokey the Bear working for the USDA Forest Service in Boulder, Colorado.

Recent Posts By David Rosenberg

Leap Motion Available in HP Laptop

September 19, 2013 By David Rosenberg

For the first time, consumers can purchase the Leap Motion completely baked into the hardware of a device. As a part of the HP Envy 17 Notebook PC, Leap Motion is already leveraging its relationship with the manufacturer. Available for purchase sometime “in the next few weeks,” Leap created a special micro-sensor to fit into the laptop that’s a mere 3.5 millimeters tall; it’s the smallest 3D motion controller on the market presently. It’s located below the keyboard and can be activated by pressing function and the space bar. The Envy will be available for $1049.99.

Stratasys Acquires Makerbot

August 16, 2013 By David Rosenberg

At the end of June, MakerBot and Stratasys confirmed what many already knew: that MakerBot would be bought for $403 million. Today, that deal is official, and it means that Stratasys now has a non-industrial, consumer-facing 3D printing arm. And there’s a certifiable demand for this industry, as MakerBot, FormLabs, and others have shown. MakerBot was one of the first to offer affordable, in-home 3D printing, and the merger now means that there is a full-service company within the Industry that offers enterprise and at-home products. And with 25+ years of experience from the Stratasys team, MakerBot is sure to elevate its printing game.

Garmin’s New HUD Disrupts Automotive Industry

July 9, 2013 By David Rosenberg

Garmin has released an after-market unit that projects navigation onto the windshield, acting as a heads up display. With Google Glass, Garmin and others, we are seeing that media is becoming even more synchronous with our environments. Like much of next-gen media in the car, the Garmin HUD relies on mobile app integration via bluetooth and at $150 (compared to other $1,000+ models), it brings this functionality into a whole new price point.