IPG Media Lab + Twitter Release Beyond Completion Rates: How Social Video Works

By Lab Team August 18, 2016

Click here to download the full report

IPG Media Lab, the creative technology arm of IPG Mediabrands, partnering with Twitter today announced the results of a quantitative media trial examining the effectiveness of video within a social media feed. The resulting report, Beyond Completion Rates: How Social Video Works, details how in-feed, auto-play video measures up against similarly skippable pre-roll videos on premium, non-feed based sites. The study looked at the impact ad environments on brand metrics including recall, perception of relevance, and brand favorability.

Key Highlights Include:

  • The unique environment of social feeds, where content is personal and self-curated, has an impact on how video ads are perceived, specifically, as more “relevant to [consumers’] interests” and “less intrusive”
  • The same video ad is nearly twice as memorable in a social video feed compared to a similarly skippable video format on premium sites and is a stronger driver of brand favorability
  • Enticing consumers to watch the full video allows skippable pre-roll to perform much better than when skipped at some point after five seconds
  • Branding elements that appear directly above social videos before the “viewability timer” starts ticking allow for strong branding at low levels of “time in view” for the video itself
  • Strong evidence was found that advertisers should be adapting ads for feed environments. For example:
    • Providing heavier, early branding can help drive awareness at lower levels of viewability
    • Getting to the point by providing the most important information in the ad up front as opposed to spread across the full 15 seconds makes ads much more persuasive


Click here to download the full report



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