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January 13, 2015

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Why Uber Is Buying Its Own Mapping Solution

March 4, 2015


Pizza Hut To Let You Order And Pay For Pizza With Your Car

March 4, 2015

man sitting in the car and holding a phone with interface naviga

How Google Is Positioning Waze To Be The Core App For Android Auto

March 3, 2015

Man texting with Smartphone

3 Challenges That Publishers Face On WhatsApp

March 3, 2015

Man holding iPhone 6 with Google on the screen

Mobile First—Google Prioritize “Mobile-Friendliness” In Search Results

March 2, 2015


IKEA Gets On The Wireless Charging Bandwagon

March 2, 2015

businessman with digital glasses

How Fashion Magazines Can Use Virtual Reality

March 2, 2015

Technology in the hands

Five Takeaways from the Venture Beat Summit 2015

February 27, 2015

Event Recap: WeWork Labs Demo Night

Angel Mendoza
February 27, 2015

IPG Media Lab attended the WeWork Labs Demo Night on Tuesday, hearing from startups from diverse industries. Our favorites included: Welzoo: Allows users to raise money for their favorite non-profit just by opening […]

IPG Media Lab Lobby

Check Out The Lab’s New Outlook-Themed Lobby Screens

February 27, 2015


YouTube’s March Towards Sophistication

February 27, 2015


How Medium Is Becoming More Like Tumblr

February 26, 2015

Apple Watch Ipad ad

Why Apple Watch Returned to Vogue

February 26, 2015

moFa Apple Episode

Modern Family Highlights Our Digital Connection With Apple-Centric Episode

February 26, 2015

mall shopping

How A Finnish Mall Found Success With “Physical Cookies”

February 25, 2015

mobile shopper

The Next Step For Google Wallet

February 25, 2015

Apple Carplay

Why Car Manufacturers Need To Work With Tech Companies

February 25, 2015

Facebook Dynamic Ad

What Retailers Need to Know about Facebook’s New Ad Tool

February 24, 2015

Tweet comic

Why Some People Are Routinely Deleting Their Tweets

February 23, 2015


How IFTTT Just Made App Automation Simpler

February 23, 2015

Partner Spotlight: 2015 Outlook Edition

February 23, 2015

2015 is going to be a special year for consumers and media, as detailed in the IPG Media Lab’s 2015 Outlook. We’ve secured thought leadership from some of the most innovative players […]

Uber Breathometer

Uber Continues To Dominate Transportation

February 20, 2015


How Samsung Plans To Compete Against Apple In Mobile Payment

February 20, 2015


Why Microsoft Is Opening Up The Xbox

February 20, 2015

Pandora radio

How Pandora’s New Feature Can Help Artists And Brands

February 19, 2015

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